Venous Outcomes of Leg Ulcer Management and Endpoints


2018 EVRA Trial – Level One evidence to justify early treatment of varicose veins in VLU to reduce healing time. Early vs late intervention 56 days vs 82 days to ulcer healing.

2008 ESHCAR Trial – reduction in recurrence of VLU at 4 years with surgical intervention.

Unclear translation of the evidence to patients with Obesity.

Volume Study

An observational study of the Western Australian Venous Leg Ulcer population.

  • What is the pattern of venous leg ulcer disease in the Western Australian Venous Leg Ulcer (VLU)? Key areas: Patient demographics, Primary vs secondary disease, Index vs Recurrent ulceration, Ultrasound pattern, Blood work, Histopathology.

Sub-study on obesity:

  • Is there a difference in the ultrasound pattern of venous disease in the obese compared to the non-obese?
  • Is there a difference the way obese patients are managed?