Introducing Professor Toby Richards

Professor Richards specialises in clinical trials and translational research. The Toby Richards (TR) Research Group has been involved with over a dozen trials and integration with the Australian National Phenome Centre for translational research. He is Chief Investigator for several trials, including PREVENTT, SUNRRISE, VOLUME, SNAP-3 and AMBLE, all focused on perioperative medicine, surgery, and anaesthesia.

Professor Richards leads clinical trials both nationally and internationally that are built on collaboration and teamwork.

Professor Richards has led a series of international clinical trials and supervised successful cohorts of students with 14 successful PhDs as well as over 50 BSc and master’s students. He has over 200 peer-reviewed publications and $14M of research funding in the last decade. He is actively involved in student experience which was recognised in 2021 by three University of Western Australia teaching awards and an Australian CardioVascular Association mentorship award.


Covid Research Response
Covid Research Response

Could you be iron deficient?

by Professor Richards interview with Nadia Mitsopoulositle on ABC Radio Perth