A Data Management Plan (DMP) typically describes what research data will be created during the course of a research project, how it will be created, plans for sharing and preserving the data and any restrictions that may need to be applied. A DMP may ask you to consider things such as:
  • What type of data you will collect
  • How and where you’ll store that data
  • Who will have access to it
  • How you’ll address any legislative requirements
  • Any agreements about ownership of the data between collaborators
  • How, where and when you’ll share your data at the end of the project
Managing the data over the whole project is very important for the success of your research and having a plan on how you’ll manage that data is equally important. Having a DMP will also help ensure all of the elements of research data FAIR principles are present – Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability.

Useful resources on Data Management Planning

Example Data Management Plans

Useful guides on Research Data Management in general

  • Research Data MANTRA [online resource] An online training course designed for researchers or others planning to manage digital data as part of the research process. The course includes a number of software practicals on using SPSS, R, ArcGIS and NVivo.
  • Managing and Sharing Data: best practice for researchers [PDF, 36 pages] A guide by the UK Data Service covering a range of topics including data formats, documentaion, ethics, copyright and data sharing.
  • How to Cite Datasets and Link to Publications [PDF, 12 pages] A guide by the Digital Curation Centre giving practical guidelines on how to cite data and the different tools and infrastructure that can be used to support data citation.
  • How to License Research Data [PDF, 16 pages] A guide by the Digital Curation Centre that outlines different types of licenses, the pros and cons of each and how they can be applied.
  • How to Appraise and Select Research Data for Curation [PDF, 8 pages] A guide by ANDS and the Digital Curation Centre on how to select which data to keep for long-term preservation, sharing and reuse. The guide puts forward several criteria to aid selection decisions.

DMP Online

DMP online is a tool that generates active a data management plan. You can use it to develop your plan and export it as a word or pdf document for local use.