Australian National Phenome Centre

World-leading researchers at the ANPC are working to revolutionize the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of serious health challenges like cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, obesity and Type 2 diabetes. By analyzing the molecular, physical and biochemical characteristics of biological tissue and fluids such as blood and urine, researchers at the ANPC aim to predict the complex genetic, environmental and lifestyle interactions causing disease.

 The work of the ANPC supports almost every area of bioscience. It reaches across traditional research silos and fosters a new, more collaborative approach to science. Long-term, the ANPC working with State, National and International partners will build ‘global atlases’ of human disease, providing insights into future health risks, which everyone on the planet can benefit from.

 The ANPC uses the largest collection of mass spectrometers in the Southern Hemisphere, combined with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and advanced data modelling, to identify the unique metabolic ‘signature’ of individuals and communities.

 One of the great strengths of the ANPC is its broad and deep metabolic analysis capacity- designed for clinical diagnostic and prognostic biomarker discovery together with capacity for large scale epidemiological studies.

Murdoch University
West Australian Department of Health